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CBR Capacity Development with the Liliane Foundation
After workshops in Ghana and Benin for the West African region, Enablement now also facilitated a strategic workshop in Vietnam for the Asian strategic partner organisations of the Liliane Foundation. These sessions are part of a long term capacity building trajectory in which Enablement is engaged to facilitate the adoption of Community Based Rehabilitation as a core strategy. A solid basis has been formed with committed directors and programme managers who assessed their contexts and set directions for future developments. After all, the Liliane Foundation seeks not just to support individual disabled children, but also to create societies that full-heartedly welcome them.
CBR for Inclusive Development
We are proud to release our documentary called "CBR for Inclusive Development". Filmmaker Thomas Koopman spent one month in Nepal to visit several project sites of the Karuna Foundation Nepal. The film highlights the key position of CBR facilitators. You will find good practices as well as challenges covered in all domains of the CBR Matrix. A set of study questions is available as well. The film is freely available on Youtube in English and French."
Linking CBR, Disability and Rehabilitation
In November 2013 the CBR Afica Network released its latest publication: Linking CBR, Disability and Rehabilitation with contributions of Huib Cornielje (chapter 4) and our associate member Marieke Boersma (chapter 3).
Enablement, together with the Liliane Foundation, the Netherlands Leprosy Relief, the Karuna Foundation, Light for the World Netherlands and DCDD form the Alliance for Disability Inclusive Development (ADID). The organisations work together in the field, in research, in lobby and advocacy as well as in fundraising.
The Dream of Inclusion for All
Powerful CBR training materials
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It is encouraging to see that there's still a lot of interest in our book: "The Dream of Inclusion for All". We received orders for use of the book in, amongst others, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Uganda and Vietnam. The book is ideal for reflection, study and training purposes. The title of the book is derived from the preface by David Werner: “If our aim is inclusion – for the disabled child and for all who are marginalized or not given a fair chance – we must unite behind a collective iconoclastic dream: The Dream of Inclusion for All
More than 20 partners of Enablement have contributed stories of real-life situations related to disability in Africa, Latin-America and Asia. These stories have been modified into powerful CBR training materials; all with different methodologies for adult education. Following the domains of the of the WHO CBR Guidelines, 27 chapters are compiled for use in training settings for fieldworkers and managers, either basic or advanced level.
All stories illustrate the need to adapt solutions to the local environment. Each narrative is followed by open-ended discussion points, role-plays and suggested activities for the group exploration of  “questions that can not be answered from behind a desktop”. The book is extensively illustrated with photographs and cartoons. A DVD is included with all chapters in Word- and PDF-format, as well as some documentaries and a range of publications for recommended reading.
We invite you to start using the book in different training settings in Community Based Rehabilitation. The Dream of Inclusion for All can be ordered at a price of € 25 + distribution costs

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